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Nira'leh Gallery

Curator: Orit Ginzburg

September 2012

"female:male" group exhibition, Nira'leh gallery, Bethlehem of the Galleellee, september 2012. For millions of years, females and males have been swimming in the water, the source of life. Diving towards the unknown, hoping to find their perfect mate. Randomly meeting each other and creating the next generations of females and males. The deep seas, the pearl divers' world, where humans and plankton swim together. There, man crosses through millions of years of evolution, searching for the perfect pearl. He goes back through evolution to the ancestral primary phase, to the fear that follows the search, to not knowing if she can ever be found. Will he face a feminine ancestral power and disappear into the depth of sea? Will he run out of air?

Ink and watercolour on paper

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