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By Gabrielle Hannemann

Ariella Verlag, Germany 2015.

It was not a hide & seek game, but a hiding place. Where other children crawl adventurously for a few minutes while playing, Marisha had to spend a year and a half. Marisha is Jewish and must not be found. This book tells the true story of young Marisha, who had to be very brave, without a father and a mother. How do you manage that? Who has helped her? In a child-friendly language Gabriele Hannemann tells about the escape from the ghetto, from hunger, from the fear of death, and about the survival of Marishas till her arrival on the exodus ship to the Land of Israel. With this authentic story Gabriele Hannemann allows children a child-friendly, emotionally appealing and sensible first encounter with the Holocaust.

Pastels, coloured pencils and collage

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