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Hi! I am inbal.

I studied Classic Animation in Bezalel Academy for Arts and Design, Jerusalem, and worked as a classic animator and commercial illustrator for about ten years.
Some of my animated short films have participated in animation festivals such as Annecy (2001 & 2003), SAFO, AnimaMundi, HAFF etc...

Since 2012 I've focused on illutration only. I have illustrated several Children’s books, and other projects, including Magazines, animation-involved projects, CD's, etc…

In 2018 I graduated the MA in Children Books Illustration course at Cambridge School of Art in the UK, where I'm now a lecturer in the Illustration & Animation BA course.

I prefer working with colours, using traditional techniques such as Acrylic, Pastels, Watercolours, Printmaking, Collage and mixed media. As long as my hands get coloured, it is fine with me.

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